You no longer live in the times of wired telephone and paper banking. So why are you still stuck with a cable TV connection? We help you look for the best new DTH connection.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle prompts us to look for newest trends and the latest news at the press of a button. You don’t want to be left behind in terms of information and technology. In the same vein, you don’t want to be stuck with local TV programming like Doordarshan, or have your TV viewing experience ruined with cable TV.

Instead, you choose to buy a new DTH connection for your home. But how can you be certain that you are buying the best connection from a good provider? We help you out with the 5 essential attributes to look for when buying a DTH connection:

1 What are the costs? The first point you would be interested in knowing more about is how much the new DTH connection will cost you. The connection is priced to include the cost of the equipment (dish, set top box and remote control), installation charges, and the price of the pack that you choose. However, some leading providers like Airtel waive off installation charges, and also offer high discounts on choosing the base pack (Rs 292 only, with both SD and HD channels). When you look for a new DTH connection, you must ask for all the costs involved, and whether there are any charges that can be reduced.

2 How many channels are being offered in the packs? The next point to consider is how many and which channels are included in the different packs on offer. Many providers offer base packs, lifestyle packs, regional packs, GEC packs, add-on packs, and so on. Check whether you are allowed to modify any of the packs and add your preferred channels to the pack you choose. Airtel DTH allows this kind of customisation, so do discuss your options with them while buying the new DTH connection. Leading providers like Airtel also offer heavy discounts on choosing their Infinity packs and a flat one-year subscription comprising both SD and HD channels.

3 How responsive is the DTH to your queries? Good customer care is of paramount importance for companies wishing to build a long and fruitful association with customers. This idyll is rudely shattered by shoddy service, rude responses to queries and ineffective troubleshooting. You can test how responsive the customer care is just by placing an order for the new DTH connection. Ideally, the provider should send the technical team to your residence on the same day as your request is logged. The inspection of the site and installation must happen in as quick a time as possible, without hassling you or the building society. Even more important is post-sales service: the provider cannot refuse assistance if you need it, and must extend all possible cooperation to help you use the DTH connection. Airtel does not charge money for the installation.

4 What is the installation process like? As mentioned earlier, the installation process must be quick and uncomplicated. Leading providers like Airtel offer easy installation and fixing, without hassle to you. The installation is done in the least amount of time, and the technician explains the working of the connection, how to watch the channels you want, how to operate the remote control and set top box, etc.

5 How easily can you recharge the pack every month? Every DTH connection requires a recharge every month, when the pack validity runs out. Check how the provider makes it easy for you to recharge the new DTH connection. You should be able to recharge the pack online every month, and also get cashback and other incentives on doing so.

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