A display port will make the process of selecting a good cable very easy. Generally, a regular display port is made to work with any display port device, like the laptop, Pc or your popular display port monitor. So basically, a standard display port cable will work flawlessly even with the very first systems that came with a display port some years back and will most likely still work without issues. It will work with the most recent and future computer systems and be able to still display multi-streams and resolute up to 4k (Ultra Hd) at 60Hz.

Although some retailers may try to convince you to purchase a more expensive cable from them, promising you better picture quality, I am here to burst your bubble. Opposing what you might have believed, the more expensive a cable the more the chances that it would not provide you with a better picture quality. Display ports make use of packetized data, suchlike the USB and Ethernet use to transmit digital audio and display data, hence you either receive all the data or you don’t. It is not like other older video interface, that doesn’t give you “better” picture quality because of the quality of the cable purchased.

Anyway, a poor cable can lead to data errors and noticeable corruption of the kind of audio and video data received, these few tips below will disclose further how to avoid such cable when looking for a cable to buy.

One major thing you will need to examine while purchasing a cable is the connector type that you can clearly check out at both ends of the cable. Make sure you know the exact type you are looking for because there are two types of display port connector types. The standard display port connector and the mini display port connector. The other obvious measure to take while selecting a cable is to check the cable length, they are usually available in lengths of 1 to 3 meters long.

As mentioned earlier, it is essential you steer clear of low-grade display port cables to avoid surprising audio and video problems, and in some cases system power-up failure. You can get reliable VGA cable from primecables.ca for the sake of quality and durability.

In spite of what you might read, there is absolutely no such thing as a DisplayPort version 1.1 cable and a display port version 1.2 cable anywhere. A standard display port cable will work pretty well like the display port cable 1.1 cable you have been misled to buy.

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