Getting your book printed is a challenging task. It does not matter, if you are a professional writer or in charge of printing your company’s coffee table menu, getting the best printing service is matchless. There are some factors to consider, when you look for best book printing services.

Consider the following factors to find a good printing service provider


Before hiring request for detailed quotes from several printing company. It gives a rough idea of budget needed for printing your novel. The possibility are their quotes differ but this can be due to reputation and experience. High price does not mean better services in comparison. Reputation and experience are also crucial aspects besides pricing.

Printing equipment

Book quality depends on manufacturing equipment’s superiority. Writers looking to print book need to ensure the legitimacy of the printing company’s printers and team credentials.


Experience defines quality printing works. The team has to maintain their reputation, which took them years to build. Therefore, they ensure that each printing process regarding your book is closely taken care of. Experience has also made them get familiar with what is good and what is not for different printing needs.

Customer service

Customer service is another crucial aspect to consider. A reputable printing service provider offers their clients suggestion related to printing needs in case they find your preference a bit compromising. In the end, they are the pros and their advice for your book is the best.

Check reviews

Online is the best source to get information about the potential printing services. It helps you to determine their competency and professionalism. Reviews posted online by previous clients can help a lot in finding the best printing service provider.

Understand binding style ‘Perfect Bound Book’

Catalogs, directories, workbooks, manuals, how-to guides, novels, biographies, and magazines are examples of ‘Perfect Bound Book’ binding style.

  • Short runs of perfect binding method gets produced very fast on digital presses.
  • Mid to long run get created on different offset printing presses.

The purpose to use perfect binding method does not matter but follow the tips for an ideal book cover layout. Take help from your printing service provider.

Determine spine width

Two things will determine spine width.

  1. Number of book pages
  2. Paper thickness

For accuracy get spine width from printing service provider directly, as soon as you determine final page count of the book. Discuss paper options and decide paper thickness and type. The expert will accurately calculate the spine width for raamatute trükkimine [printing books] cover artwork.

Never lay cover component separately

Perfect bound book cover is designed from single thick paper sheet, which wraps around block of pages. Therefore, you will need to layout artwork for front cover right side], spine, and back cover [left side], accordingly.

Position spine text carefully

Book’s title printed on spine allows easy identification of the book placed in vertical and horizontal position. If spine includes printed text then ensure that it is printed towards intended direction to read. If spine is narrow then forego text, as they will be unreadable.

Proper bleed & crop marks setting

Crop mark are short thin lines positioned in four corners, where paper will be trimmed post printing. Bleed means ink coverage extends to the paper edge. Proper marking avoid delays for completion of the printing project.

Abiprint professionals will ensure that the cover and pages employing the perfect bound book style are joined strongly with adhesive at the spine. In addition, the other 3 sides are trimmed and display perfect edges, which are hallmark of perfect binding style.

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