This is the key figure of the accommodation facilities, welcomes the client upon arrival, assists him throughout the stay and manages the departure. It carries out its work and performs its tasks within a complex business structure, whose in-depth knowledge is the fundamental prerequisite for carrying out the tasks entrusted to it in the best possible way.

The Receptionist is the one who in addition to welcoming guests and providing them with suggestions and information on the place of stay also performs tasks that require knowledge of the structure (such as assigning rooms), identifying tasks that compete with other workers of the hotel (how to assign to another employee the task of carrying out the service requested by the client) and the awareness of the roles of responsibility within the company (such as the handling of complaints or problems encountered or communicated to the reception).

The Receptionist, therefore, carries out the work of the entire reception and concierge department. If the structure in which it carries out its work has rooms for conferences and congresses, it also handles the reservation service of these spaces. Furthermore, in companies and establishments were receptionists are hired, their main activities are to welcome visitors, identify them, register them as visitors and even book appointments although most establishments today aid the workload of the receptionist by installing visitor management systems.

Tasks and Main Activities

In an accommodation facility, in addition to the specific reception services, the Receptionist must also provide for the booking of the rooms, verifying their availability and proceeding with their assignment at the arrival of the clients.

It also has the task of managing communications for the client and the information at the request of the guest. Together with the customer registration activities, of an organizational-managerial type, he also performs administrative and accounting functions, as well as supervisory and control functions, with the keeping of the cash desk.

The typical tasks of the receptionist are the reception of the client, the sale of the rooms, the management of bookings and arrivals, the annotation of the client’s data, the assignment of the room, the reception of the request of the resident during the stay, the administration of the cash desk, the exchange of currency, the drafting of the account and the collection of the related fee, as well as the processing of the files for the departure of the customer.

The receptionist must also coordinate the activities of the entire reception and concierge department and plan employee attendance based on received or foreseeable booking requests. The receptionist is also frequently responsible for the maintenance of the hospitality system and must have the employee intervene whenever a fault is reported.

In carrying out its activity, the receptionist has functional integration relationships with other figures who work within the accommodation, particularly with the sales clerk, with the manager and with the “planning” attendance

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