Though AWS is a worldwide cloud service provider, their active directory is not without limitations. The directory service allows IT administrators to use it in their own servers. Active directories are run by one of three options for AWS. Those three options are Simple, Connector or Microsoft AD. No matter the option that is chosen there are limitations to it.

For example, Microsoft AD is easier for small companies to use than for larger companies too. Large companies may not be able to use it due to the fact that it only allows for 200,000 objects in its Active Directory, as well as 50,000 users. Global companies may find this limitation crippling. Another limitation to it is that performance settings can’t be configured by those using it. Therefore, if they are experiencing performance issues Microsoft AD will not help them fix those issues.

On a smaller scale than Microsoft AD is the Simple AD. Using s subset of Microsoft AD features only allows for tasks such as managing computers as well as individual users. It does not allow a definition of domain trust relationships, which can result in vulnerability for a company using it. Domain controllers cannot be added using Simple AD, and this is another debilitating limitation. In addition, there are important features missing that include PowerShell, Recycle Bin and the administrative center. Perhaps the biggest limitation to it is that password policies can only be controlled in certain ways, and leave a lot out that could be harmful to a company using it.

The fewest limitations come with the Connector AD. Those who already have their own active directory database can link it to their AWS. Infrastructure management becomes more cost efficient and less complex with its use. The same tools can be used for cloud management and onsite management through Connector AD. Its’ one limitation is that its admin users are not able to change the AWS Active Directory.

Whichever one an individual chooses it is safe to say that an AWS active directory is a valuable tool to have. Many who do also use NWS2 as their backup recovery. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from this combination. Having an active directory with AWS is a smart choice for many companies.

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